Training material/trainers

Use this presentation (ppt) to do an Environmental lens workshop.

The following trainers can help you to facilitate an Environmental lens workshop, and/or do a Environmental situation analysis.

  • Sweden: Inger Björk at Forum Syd (inger.bjork (at)
  • East Africa: Dominic Walubengo at Forest Action Network (waluwande (at)
  • Bangladesh: Tawhidul Islam at Jahangirnagar University   (tawhidju (at)
  • Lebanon: Nadine Haddad, consultant (nadinelhajj (at)

To teach others on how to use the Environmental lens you can use the fictive country Gaman and download the different cases.

  1. Info about Gaman (ppt)
  2. Womens Equality in Gaman (doc)
  3. Gaman Social Accountability (doc)
  4. Gaman Planned Parenthood (doc)
  5. Gaman Farmers Association (doc)